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Oak Village Animal Hospital PC offers a wide range of veterinary services. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality customer service. We spend whatever time necessary to make you feel comfortable, answer your questions and provide solutions to all your veterinary needs.

Fastrack Dog Supplement For Adult and Senior Dogs

Could your pet be in pain without your knowing it? If your pet is having difficulty getting up from rest, having difficulty with stairs, or difficulty walking, chances are your pet has arthritis. Arthritis is generally caused by injury, the daily wear and tear of joints, and aging. Larger canine breeds are predisposed to hip and spine arthritis while smaller breeds often suffer from knee and elbow arthritis. As arthritis progresses, the damaged tissues release compounds that cause inflammation and as inflammation progresses, joints become painful, resulting in lameness of the pet.

Common signs or symptoms of arthritis:

• Getting up from rest more slowly

• Difficulty going up or down stairs

• Difficulty walking or running, or overall slower movement

• Yelping or crying out when jumping or playing

            Most people attribute these changes to the natural process of aging and do not realize that their friend is in pain. If your pet lives long enough, joint disease will occur to some degree; if it’s left untreated, your pet’s lifespan will be shortened. Traditional treatment often deals with the symptoms but not the cause. A nutritional and supplemental approach will rejuvenate the joints. Aspirin and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) actually accelerate joint destruction because they inhibit the process by which the body repairs the diseased joint. They can also result in side effects such as gastrointestinal bleeding or liver disease.

             Fastrack – Senior Dog New research is revealing that most arthritic pets are deficient in many of the nutrients that are needed to maintain good health:

• Fatty acids. Most dry foods have insufficient fatty acids.

• Vitamins A, D, C, and E. Arthritic pets need extra Vitamins A, C, and E.

              These vitamins are antioxidants that speed up tissue repair by neutralizing free radicals that originate from damaged tissues. Benefits of the Fastrack® Senior Dog Supplement:

• Promotes healing.

• Provides a whole body nutritional supplement without the side effects.

• Contains not only extra vitamins and minerals to help your arthritic pet, but also pharmaceutical grade glucosamine and chondroitin Glucosamine is a key component of cartilage repair and the production of joint fluid.

• Gives your pet a longer and better quality of life.

• Can be given safely & in conjunction with prescribed pain medicines.

• Promotes joint health with lifelong use.

    You can benefit from incorporating the Fastrack Senior Dog supplement into the care regime for your:

• Kennel

• Breeding operation

• Athletic and working pets

• Animals recovering from an injury.

• Breeds prone to hip and joint issues Healing does take some time.

           Most users of Fastrack products usually see major improvements in two to four weeks. Probiotics can assist with not only healing but overall health benefits. The Fastrack Canine microbial powder complements the Senior Dog Supplement. It contains “friendly bacteria” (probiotics) which enable maximum absorption of food and supplements and enhance the immune system. The two products complement each other to provide the overall health benefits your pet needs.

In House Laboratory Services

We have a complete in house laboratory offering complex answer in as little as 15 minutes. Precious time when emergency answered are needed. Chemistry,hematology, thyroid, urinalysis and fecal diagnosis are just a few of our lab's capabilities.

Surgical Procedures: Oak Village Animal Hospital PC offers a full variety of surgical procedures - from spays and neuters, growth removals, dental prophies, tumor removals, eye procedures and orthopedic surgery. We have complete x-ray services available in house.

Vaccines: We can help you with all of your pets vaccination needs. We make sure your companions are vaccinated properly.  All patients are given a complete physical exam before any vaccines are administered. Vaccination protocols may differ so an appropriate protocol will be customized with your particular animals needs in mind.

Professional exams: Our veterinarian Dr. Ronald Bowen will give your pet a thorough exam and perform lab work if needed to find out what is troubling your pet. Many times Wellness Lab work can help find underlying medical concerns that cannot be determined with a physical exam.

Boarding: We offer boarding here at Oak Village Animal Hospital to meet your travel needs. Whether it be a day or a week long, your pet is welcome to stay here in our hospital while you are away! Pets with special needs such as diabetes (for monitoring) are more than welcome. Your pet will have to be up to date on all vaccinations to be boarded. For cats that would consist of rabies vaccine and a distemper vaccine. For dogs they must be current on rabies, distemper, and bordetella.

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